Anonymous: did you really meet Chloe Lukasiak???


actually, I knew her when she was in kindergarten/1st grade. We were ‘church buddies’(which was just when the older kids sit with the younger ones in church)

I found this recently, too:


(excuse my hair)

she was really sweet and told me about her dance classes all the time.


Slay Chlo.


For Dance moms fans and especially Chloe Lukasiak fans, Chloe’s agent posted this on instagram….and she responded to me with something very exciting! Chloe on the big screen? And moving away from reality (tv) ? YAYAYAYAY


No one can say that Chloe doesn’t have a passion for dance anymore after yesterday’s episode. All she did was say how she wanted to dance and how upset she was that she wasn’t on the stage for the first time in 12 years so don’t you dare say she doesn’t have a passion.

The name of the routine is called “The Heist.”